Rd 15 Vipers v Oak Flats – A Win!!!!

Sunday saw the Russell Vale VIPERS go up against Oak Flats at the Cawley Park Cauldron

The Cauldron was chopped up after a big weekend of football, giving the Vipers a task to stay upright and making the ball read hard to judge.

The starting side saw Renae, Jen, and Helen & Kerrie E & Linda up front to set the pace of the game by attacking the Oak Flats side quickly hitting the O.Flats back line. Having the big kickers of Bonser, Cheryl, & Erin in midfield gave the Vipers a chance to feed the ball up to the forward pack for a few chance strikes at the O.Flats goal that had Helen with 2 goals before ½ time & with Renae also having a couple of shots at goal that just seemed to miss the posts .The backline of Laura, Tracey , & Rachael were able to protect the goalie Sheree against the few attacks the O.flats threw at her but she continued to hold strong. After 2nd half subs Mel & Paula had some fresh legs and fed the ball up to the forward pack which saw Helen feed the ball across to Renae but again was unable to get it in the posts, both Laura & Cheryl ran away with the ball up the sideline into open space unable to believe that they had made a break passing it onto Bonser & Helen getting through the defensive O.Flats backline but the goalie held strong to keep the Vipers scoreless in the 2nd half. O.Flats fought hard and as a very physical team saw that lots of the Vipers spent time on the muddy ground. Linda again copped a ball to the face that saw her blood binned by the ref. (looks like the helmet will be back out next week! 😉 )  But with a momentary spell of ball watching the big O.Flats midfielder hit a ball that got past the Vipers goalie taking the score to 2/1.

End score 2/1 Vipers way….Woohoo what a way to celebrate Bonser’s birthday, a win cake & beer!!!

“Best of this week trophy went to Jen with some spot on passing and brilliant bursts of speed she was defiantly the choice of the team!!!    Well done Jen!!!

Again many thanks to Coach & Kate   plus all our Vipers supporters who once again come watch & support our team.

This was our last home game of the season and our Canteen Mum Helen will be lost I’m sure until next season kicks off…Thank you Helen for you continued help in the canteen every home game.

Next week the Vipers go up against Woonona @ Ocean Park at 11am hope to see you there!!

Renae Walker Very proud Vipers team member.

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