Rd 12 U13.1 & Cup Qualifier

The U13s ha a double header last weekend, a League game V Unanderra on Friday night and the Cup Qualification game on Sunday against the 2nd division outfit from Shellharbour.

The boys went into the Friday night game ahead of Unanderra on the table, but desperate for a win after a string of defeats. Unanderra were without their Goalkeepers but were able to call from their lower division team. We had no subs to start off with Ryan coming along just before half time. As they have all season the boys played very well and dominated position. They created quite a few chances throughout the game and Braeden didn’t have much work to do right through the game. Sam Miranda scored a cracker coming out of midfield, a position he’s playing a bit more regularly and gaining more confidence each week. Jack attacked the goal and collided with the goalkeeper. Dean baker pounced on the loose ball and put the second goal into the net. SamM was fouled in the box and TK converted the spot penalty.

Unfortunately the boys went to sleep in the final minute of the game and failed to deal with a free kick which bounced awkwardly for braeden and went i as the final score of the game, 3-1. In the end a thoroughly deserved, and needed, win.

I still haven’t got my head around the details of the Cup competition, but we did make it through second in our group which pitched us against a div 2 side. The boys turned up ready to play and put a pretty good display together. Jack picking up a hat-trick and goals Sam Miranda 2 and Ryan his first of the season. This has pitched us against the dominant team of the competition in Figtree, who haven’t lost in a couple of years. We’ll be without Braeden and Jai, but the boys trained very well tonight and are looking forward to stepping up and having a crack at the big guns.


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