Rd 10 U8 White v Port Kembla

Finally we were back at soccer after a few weeks of no training and playing. We got off to a slowish start with Port Kembla scoring the first goal. That seemed to get everyone fired up and there was lots of passing and a lot of good runs. Our goalies this week were Josh and Riley E and they did a lot of good saves each. Well done boys!

Ben played really well on Saturday and managed to score 6 goals….. he tried really hard, and he also managed to set to a great pass to Riley W who managed to score the goal he wanted for Ruby! Good job Riley! Corey also scored and Olivia was great in defence and stopped Port Kembla from any more than that first goal. Ryan and Nash were great in the middle with lots of good runs and great tackles.

Ben was player of the match this week. Well done!

Looking forward to next weeks game, we are getting better each week. Though it’s a big week for most of our team with the Dance Festival, so we will see how we go!

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