Rd 1 U13 Girls v Helensburgh

Congratulations to the girls on their fantastic first round effort against Helensburgh on the weekend!! In a tough and tense game the girls came away with a 0-0 draw.
Our defence with Jasmine.W, Tarmiqua, Hannah and Sarah were never off the ball and defended as if there lives depended on it.. They all gave great assistance to our to goalies Jasmine.B and Meg who both did plenty of work when they were out on the field defending and some great work in goals.

Our mid-fielders Keely, Casey, Chloe, Candice and Tyla all had good games and were a constant threat to Helensburghs defence. Our strikers Alyse and Jade had some nice touches and along with Keely were unlucky not to score a few goals between them. With our limited preparation the girls showed plenty of character, courage and skill and their performances will only get better as the season progresses!!

Special thanks to all the parents for getting the girls up to Helensburgh at 8:00am-a tough ask any time of the year! The cheering and encouragement from the sidelines certainly helped especially in the second half when the game was in the balance.

1 down 17 to go- the fun and good times has just started!! Looking forward to round 2 and hopefully a home game and a bit later start time….



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