Rd 1 U12.1 v Albion Park

Well, a new season and a new grading and, as expected, the boys were up against much stiffer opposition in the form of Albion Park, last year’s runners up. Speaking to their coaches before the game they have lost a few players from their squad, but are still hoping to be very competitive.

We were all over them in the first half with SamM taking a goal. We could have easily scored another 2. Our passing was pretty good for the first real run of the season. Unfortunately AP came out firing in the second half and ran away with the game, two goals coming from corners which is something we can work on. We could have probably scored another goal or two, but it wasn’t to be. 4-1 the final scoreline. Overall it’s fair to say Coach Julio was happy enough with the performance. We have lots to work on and will certainly impeove on over the year.

I had a sneak peak at the parents points and they are a pretty good reflection of the game with points shared between; TK, Jai, Matty, Wil, Jacob, and Dean.


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