Rd 1 U11 v Figtree

What a great way to start the season proper. A replay of last year’s Grand Final, and all the baggage that that dragged up.

It started in the line up for the card check with one of the kids in the Figtree side ” We played you last year and we beat you, you guys suck.”  To their credit our kids kept their comments to themselves and held their compose.

Thanks to Julio for taking the last bit of the warmup and his wise words, they worked wonders. We took the field and looked composed and confident on the ball. It wasn’t too long before Ryan, almost effortlessly, slide the first dagger in with a nice shot on goal with the trust left boot, and the scene was set. In all the kids hit the back of the net 6 times in the first half and 3 in the second for a 9 – nil win. Actions speak louder than words!   Ryan, Jacob, and SamM scored twice, SamL, Matty D, and Wison one a piece. The best near miss was SamM’s header than hit the cross bar.

Of course they couldn’t have done it without their team mates and the supply of ball. The defence was rock solid with TK and Jasmin in the middle and Jacob and Mark on the sides in the first half. Reuben, Matty, and Wil patrolled the middle and did a wonderful job of feeding SamM, SamL, and Ryan.

I asked SamL what he rated as the best play of the day. His answer was Jasmin taking on 4 opposition players and seeing each one of them hit the ground and Jas coming out the other side, still with the ball.

Braeden wasn’t asked to do too much in goals but enjoyed himself when he came out in the second half as a Surprise striker. We didn’t see him “on the bike” this week, but are looking forward to seeing it in a game again soon.

Congratulations to all of you for the hard work you have put in, some of the kids have been training 3 days a week for some time now. The hard work is certainly paying off. See you all on Tuesday!

If any of the parents have photos of the game, please send through a copy and I’ll add them to the match report. Keep an eye on the web site for the draw for round 2 games.


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