Rd 1 (late) U13.3 v Tarra

Sunday 11 May

RUSSELL VALE 8 v 1 Tarrawanna

Performance wise the players carried on where they left off two days ago, creating several good chances in the opening minutes but were unable to find the net. Ironically after 15 mins it was Tarrawanna that scored the opening goal with their very first effort on target. Russell Vale’s response was instant, first Ethan Larnach went close to equalising before Zac Winter found the net 1-1. Soon after the same two players linked up for the Cobra’s second goal and Zac Winter’s second of the game.  At the half the score was still close but Russell Vale led 2-1.

The second half resulted in an avalanche of goals as the U13A’s took the game to Tarrawanna. Good battling from Tom Curren led to a cracking shot from Jordan Errington to put the Cobras 3-1 up. Zac Winter went close again but the keeper parried and Riley Hanlon’s follow up hit the post. Then Riley Hanlon became the provider when he crossed for Zac Winter to notch his first hat-trick for the Club, 4-1.

Baxter Bowler Prentice then set up two goals. The first for Jordan Errington and the other for Tommy Heaton, the latter also hit the bar. Then Zac Winter starting in his own half, went on a mazy dribble and claimed his fourth goal of the game, this emulated Blair Dunn’s feat 48hrs earlier. Just when we all thought the game was over, Louis Ready went off down the wing, cut in and his shot was parried by the keeper but there was Bailey Baade Mortimer on hand to make it 8-1.

The result has secured top spot for the U13A’s in their Group and a place in the Qtr Final. My job now will be to keep the players feet on the ground and make sure they maintain their concentration because we are away in the league next week to Tarrawanna again.



P.S    If anyone knows any good prayers, my beloved LIVERPOOL need a miracle tonight. J

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