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Purchase a health insurance product through people care and RVJFC will receive $200 in sponsorship in a one off payment. Other benefits through the offer include;

  • One month free membership
  • ¬†Immediate cover
  • $50 off your glasses if you visit Peoplecare Eyes & Teeth before June 30 2014.
  • Free electric toothbrush if you have a dental consultation at Peoplecare Eyes & Teeth before June 30 2014.

Again, this offer is open to RVJFC members, parents of RVJFC members, along with, family and friends of RVJFC members. All the person has to do who wishes to help RVJFC is to quote the FFA number of the member they know & the club they play with ie RVJFC!
Peoplecare will forward the $200 to RVJFC in due course.

Click here to view the Peoplecare Flyer



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