Miniroo Info Day + Defibrillation Training

If your child is playing MiniRoos in 2020 we encourage you to attend the MiniRoos information day  this Saturday 15th February at Cawley Park Russell Vale.

Times and Age Groups as follows:

Under 6 – 9:00am

Under 7 – 9:30am

Under 8 – 10:00am

Under 9 – 10:30am

Under 10 and 11 – 11:00am

11:30am – Defibrillation Training ( Compulsory for Coaches/Managers)

So come down to Cawley Park if you have registered your kids , for a quick  meeting about your kids teams , deciding coaches/managers and any other club information you may need. The defibrillation training is also available for any parents who would to attend. Uniforms and Hoodies can be purchased/ordered on this day as well. See website/Facebook Page for details of pricing.

Parent Info Letter on Rego Day JY20 (1)

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