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Good morning Russell Vale !!!

As you are all aware games kick off this weekend!!

Just thought we’d put out a few reminders and some information to help things run smoothly for the Cobra community 🐍

Parents/ Players

Anyone planning on attending could you please remember

* If you or your children feel unwell or have been in contact with anyone who has had COVID-19 please do not attend the games .

* If your child can not play could you please advise your coach or manager so they can sort any team changes.

* Bring personal sanitiser and make sure hands are washed

* Make sure kids water bottles are exclusive to them and clearly labelled with their name on them.

* Double knot the kids bootlaces so they don’t untie 😁

* If you have not already , it’s recommend you down load the COVIDSafe App , it’s better to be safe than sorry 😉

Also with the draw for your child’s team there’s an APP called “Game Day” (see logo below) , download it and search for your team and add it as a favourite and kaboom 💥 the next 3 games are there for your team plus directions on how to get to the game !! 😉

For coaches and managers there’s also an APP called “Coachany” see logo below , it helps with arranging your substitutions for your team. Hopefully it helps you out if you need it.

Anyway , good luck to all our juniors this weekend ! Stay Covid safe and all that and we hope you enjoy yourselves

Go Cobras 🐍

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