Cawley Park facility upgrade update.

This is an email sent by Stephen Smart our Club secretary and a former very talented (still goes ok in the men’s over 35 comp…)and proud RVJFC player- many many moons ago… to all coaches and managers this morning.

“For those of you that aren’t aware, 14 months ago we secured $85,000 from the NSW Govt and WCC to upgrade “the sheds” at Cawley Pk. It has been a long process but we had a site meeting with WCC and RVJFC Officials this morning and I am pleased to announce that $220,000 will be spent on a total refurbishment of this facility.

Unfortunately the timing isn’t great with work starting on Apr 22 with an approx. 60 day work time frame.

As part of the work “the sheds” will be off limits with a construction fence ensuring no access. We have been able to secure some portable toilets another container to store commonly used items e.g. fridge, bbq, nets, corner posts etc. and provision to access the lights for training. I hope the lights don’t become too much of an issue, but, as with any construction, power may need to be cut from time to time. While we have provisions in place nothing is totally micro manageable. As a consequence, throughout the next 2 – 3 months could we all be patient. If something does go wrong, it is not the fault of anyone, just a part of the construction process. If an issue does arise please let me know I might be able to resolve with the building/construction WCC contact I have been given through this process. Believe me, a little bit of pain now will be all worth it!!!!

The canteen isn’t part of this process; however power may be an issue from time to time. We will be informed of planned extended power outages. And, we should still have access to the benches across the front of the sheds for the majority of the build.

The container will arrive on Apr19 so over that weekend we will have to arrange a removal gang to move various items currently in the shed to the temporary container.

I am personally excited by all this as the sheds are the exact same as when I was using then 35 years ago! Great stuff for the football and general RV community”.


Stephen Smart

Secretary RVJFC

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