Academy Coaching Kicks off – Updated with SSG info

At the last Committee meeting we agreed to spend some money to have the Football NSW HPU Coaches attend our regular training sessions. To start off with each team will have a session with one of the the coaches. We’ll see how well that is recieved before deciding whether or not to expand the program.

The sessions started last week with U8 White, U11.2,, but were washed out for U15, U16 and U13G. These will be held this week if it does stop raining. The aim is to aid in both Player and Coach development. The U11 girls will have their turn next week. See below for info for the SSG / Roo Ball Teams. The issue so far has been that the coaches can’t start untill about 5:00pm, and most of the Roo ball Teams start training earlier than that. When Steve does get in contact with your team to change your training time please do everything you can to support this initiative. I believe that there is a great benefit in the work that these guys do with both the players and the coaches.

Hi Guys,

As you may well be aware the club is funding an initiative whereby all players will be given access to professional “academy” coaches. The intent being the players get to experience a professional session and a bit of development for the coaches and parents. I have been given the task of co ordinating the SSG teams. As you could appreciate the coaches involved in the academy we are using can only do these sessions after their “full time” work hours. As a result the following timetable has been arranged;

Mon 7th June 8Green 4:30 to 5:30

Tues 8th June 7Green & 7White 5 to 6pm

Wed 9th June 6White,6Green, 6Yellow 4:30 to 5:30pm

Tues 15th June 9 Green 5 to 6pm

Wed 16th June 9White 4:30 to 5:30pm

It would be good if the majority of people can support this initiative as it has no cost associated with for all involved. You may or may not wish to continue your normal training times on these days. I am only doing the academy session with my team on my training day though. Any dramas let me know.


Steve Smart

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  1. “El Presidente” Garry ,Committee ,and Players of Russell Vale Football Club .

    On Wednesday afternoon we concluded our sessions with your clubs sides . I am just writing this to first of all say thankyou for the invitation to coach your teams. We took this as a vote of confidence in us and the work we do and for this we are grateful .

    Please pass on our thanks also to all of your players who in the sessions that I took ,and from the reports back from Paul Hughes and Steve Honey ,participated and contributed with enthusiasm and a willingness to learn that any coach would be pleased with .We certainly hope your players and coaches gained something from the sessions as even for us these are also a learning experience in that opportunity to coach different players and the reaction from the players to the session is telling us whether we are doing the right thing .

    All of your teams from the U16s right down to the Super 6s that Hughesy and I had a great time with on Wednesday should be congratulated .

    Again from all of us THANK YOU and good lluck to all of your teams for the rest of the season .

    Yours in Football ,

    Paul Jones
    Paul Hughes
    Steve Honey

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