2019 Registration Process

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There has been some questions in regard to the new registration system and they mainly revolve around the functionality of the system.  We ask that you follow the updated attached registration procedure to assist with your concerns.

A few items that need particular attention, are the following:-

  1. If you are going to use the Active Kids Voucher, that is completed prior to the registration.
  2. Payment is to be paid in cash on the registration days and not conducted online in the Playfootball website.
  3. The invoice from Playfootball will be required on the registration day to confirm your registration and if you have applied for the Active Kids Voucher so the remaining can be paid in cash on the registration day. Please do not turn up on the registration day without your invoice from Playfootball website or will have to ask you to come back when you have it.  All issues can be assisted by Peter Nethercott prior.

Please forward this email to anyone that is keen on joining the mighty Cobras for 2019 season, especially the potential U6 players for 2019.

Please forward any questions in regards to the registration to Peter Nethercott, email:- RVJFC1954@gmail.com




Daniel Hunter

RVJFC Secretary

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