2014 Regional Youth League Trials

Football South Coast RYL trials have been scheduled as follows;
Saturday 8th February 2014
U12’s      (born 2002 only)    8.30am
U13’s      (born 2001 only)    9.30am
U14’s      (born 2000 only)    10.30am
U15’s      (born 1999 only)   11.30am
Saturday 15th February 2014
U12’s      (born 2002 only) 8.30am
U13’s      (born 2001 only) 9.30am
U14’s      (born 2000 only) 10.30am
U15’s      (born 1999 only) 11.30am
Note:  It is recommended that attendance be made to both trial dates noted above. Teams will be announced by Monday 17th February.  Players will then be required to be fitted out on Tuesday 18th February (times and venue TBA).
Macedonia Park, Hooka Creek, Berkeley
Please ensure players have registered at a local Junior Club prior to attending the trials.
Please ensure players arrive 15 minutes prior to scheduled trial time dressed ready to commence.
Please ensure players register online via the link below.
Registrations close 5.00pm Thursday 6th February.
Below is a brief outline of the FNSW Regional Youth League Competition.
2013 was the inaugural year of the Regional League, initiated as an outcome of the FNSW Competitions Review to provide a development opportunity for aspiring footballers between grassroots football and the National Premier Leagues NSW Men’s competitions. The Regional League was comprised of Football Associations, Men’s State League Clubs and Regional Football Branches affiliated to Football NSW. The competition was offered to boys in the age groups of U12, U13, U14 and U15.
With the inclusion of more teams in 2014, we look to consolidate on the inaugural season, broaden and improve the development opportunities provided to the State’s young aspiring players.
Regional League Vision
“FNSW will provide youth male players a development opportunity between community and Football NSW Premier League football through conduct of the Regional League. The Regional League will prepare players for the tactical and technical challenges of FNSW Premier League competition.”
Regional League Mission
“Affiliated Football Association, Clubs and Branches will align their development programs with the National Curriculum and unite within the Regional League umbrella to deliver a consistent football development opportunity for the young player aspiring to make the jump from community football to the Football NSW Premier League.”
“The Regional League will enhance development programs currently conducted by Football Associations by formalising the competition component of those programs.”
Nichole Mears
Nichole Mears
FSC Co-ordinator
Football South Coast

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