2011 Registration Days

RVJFC 2011 Season LATE Registration

Our official Registraion Days are over, however, we are still accepting registrations in some age groups. If you are interested in registering for the 2011 Season please contact:

Andrew on 0415 613977 (after 5pm) or

Garry on 0438 851654

Please print out and fill in the paperwork below, and e-mail us a photo: president@rvjfc.com.au

How much: $50 for U6 and U7, $90 for U8 to U18 (family discounts available)

Who: Boys and girls 5 and up. Note to register in the U6 competition children need to turn 5 before 31st July.

What to bring: New regos need to bring a copy of a birth certificate or other ID. All children need to come to the hall so we can re-take everyone’s photos.

What you get: Shorts and socks for new registrations; Insurance; 18 weeks of Football; End of season trophy and Presentation Day activities.

Fill in the detail on page 1 of the rego form as best you can, don’t worry about the FFA number as we’ll have that on file. We’ll use the e-mail address you provide on this form to send out communications, please print clearly!

Rego form page 1

Rego form page 2

Here is the insurance paperwork, fill out the detail on the bottom of page 1. We’ll keep the bottom part that you have signed.

Insurance form page 1

Insurance form page 2

If your child wears glasses you must be aware of this information, and have the photo taken with the galsses on.


You must read and understand the FNSW and FSC Codes of conduct. This explains how you, and the players, and coaches and managers, are expected to behave when attending games and training. You will be asked to sign a declaration to show that you agree to these terms.

FNSW Code of Conduct

FSC Code of Conduct

We have this great web site that we like to use to keep people informed on what’s happening around our club. Occasionally (and hopefully more often this year) people send in photos of the kids and we like t post them with their stories. To do this we would like your approval. On the declaration form below let us know if you approve of this, or not.

The Committee put a lot of effort into running the administration of the club, to allow all the kids to enjoy football. It’s not the job of the Committee to be staffing the Canteen, or being the Ground Marshals each week. We need parents to help out. We will be running a roster where each team is allocated the ground duties for the whole morning. It means each team (or age group for SSGs) effectively runs the ground for two, or maybe three, mornings over the whole season. It’s a system that’s worked pretty well in the past. By signing the declaration you are agreeing to help out with ground duties when your team is required to help out.

RVJFC Declaration

We will only apply to host Friday night games (U12 to U18) if the whole team agrees to provide adequate Ground Control and staffing for the Canteen. This will mean a minimum of four (4) parents from the team helping throughout the night, including ground setup. If parents fail to turn up to attend then we will cancel Friday night games for he remainder of the year. The Team Manager will be expected to collect these forms and submit them to the Committee on behalf of the team.

Here is a copy of the IJFA Year Planner if you are interested in what is happening over the school holidays etc, Year Planner 2011

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